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16 Amazing Silk, Linen & Pearl 12th Anniversary Gift Ideas

If you're here reading this article, I'm guessing you have a 12th Anniversary coming up, yes? Congratulations!!! 12 years, wowza, that needs to be celebrated. For your 12th Anniversary there are so many gifts you can choose from.

What are the traditional and modern gift themes for the 12th Anniversary?

The 12th Anniversary traditional gift is Silk & Linen and the modern theme is Pearl. We love the large area this anniversary theme covers as Pearl can mean many different things, from color and aesthetic, to a Pearl of Wisdom, to the actual Pearl from an Oyster. Plus, the Silk or Linen theme gives you so many gifting options - so have fun with it!

Below are some ideas to get the gift-giving juices flowing. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links to products we use and love!

Naturally a pearl necklace makes a great classic 12th anniversary gift. We love this Classic Akoya Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace (Blue Nile) and this Cultured Pearl Strand Necklace and Earring Set (Target).

The Coravin (Coravin) is a fantastic gift to get. Practical and sleek, the wine preservation system is a go-to gift here at Happy Little Vows for anyone who likes wine. AND it comes in many pearlized colors. Your love will be able to drink a glass whenever they please, without opening the bottle! Not just for drinking, I use mine for cooking too, because who wants to open a whole bottle to add a dash to pasta sauce?!

Briggs & Riley luggage (Amazon) comes in a wide range of fabric styles that look so luxurious, they'll be the envy of all travlers. Have a trip planned as soon as you can leave? From a carry-on, to a backpack, to a full set of luggage - this gift will be perfect! If you're curious about this company, trust us, we cannot praise their luggage enough, but with so many 5-star reviews, you can see for yourself and we know your spouse will be enamored with this gift.

A watch with a pearl backing is one of those rare desired sophisticated looks and we adore the dimension a pearl backing gives on the design. Our favorites are the Omega Constellation Diamond Pearl Ladies Watch (Amazon) and this TAG Heuer Men's Watch (Amazon).

Yes, a silk tie might seem like a mundane gift. But this is something that people rarely spend the money on themselves to get something nice and yet wear a lot of the time, so it is a gift that will be dearly appreciated. This one by Salvatore Ferragamo (Amazon) and this one by Origin Ties (Amazon) are our favorites. Also, this Tie & Cufflink Traveler (Uncommon Goods) would make an incredible gift.

We spend a third of our lives in bed, so having something comfy, relaxing and luxurious to wake up in is very important. If your love is someone who loves the finer things and love a good sleep in, then linen bedding is the way to go. We love these ones by Riley (Riley Bedding) and this Sijo French Linen Sheet Set (Amazon).

The Foreo Luna Mini 3 cleanser in Pearl Pink (Amazon) is a great gift to give any skin care enthusiast or beauty queen. Plus its pearl pink color makes it a great match for the anniversary theme.

Have a musician as your other half? Perhaps a Pearl Drum Set (Amazon) is the way to go or this gorgeous Epiphone Wildcat Electric Guitar (Amazon) in a pearl white color. With these gifts, give them a set of drum sticks (Amazon) or a packet of guitar picks (Amazon) first as their pretend main gift so they'll wonder what's coming - this will set your gift up to WOW them at the reveal.

The KitchenAid Mixer (Amazon) is a wonderful gift (I literally cried when I received mine). If you have a spouse who's an avid cook, this gift will wow them. Plus, it also comes in a darker Pearlized (Amazon) color, so it's a win win.

A timeless throw for that someone that loves to snuggle up and read/binge watch the new season of everything. We love these throws from Sferra (Amazon) and this Sherpa Fleece Throw (Amazon).

Pearl stud earrings are a classic and a more subtle pearl gift than a necklace. Our top choices are these Pearl Stud Earrings (Blue Nile), these Pearl and Diamond Earrings (Blue Nile) and these Pearl Drop Earrings (Amazon).

A suit or jacket is a wonderful linen anniversary gift. Timeless and unique, sharp or relaxed, you can find a fantastic array of styles to suit your love's taste. Personally, we love this Jules B Linen Jacket (Amazon) and this classic Linen Jacket (Amazon).

The Slip Silk Mask (Amazon) and Pillowcases (Amazon) have a cult following for a reason. They use only the top quality silk, making it feel like the ultimate luxurious gift. I use my pillowcase everyday and my mask all the time for travel, both are wonderful! Plus, we gift the pillowcases all the time to give friends and family a luxurious sleep. Tried and true, Slip knows what they're doing.

A kimono is not only a fashion piece like this Midnight Garden Kimono (Uncommon Goods), but can be used as decorative art on the wall like this one (Amazon) if not using as a robe. A jacket, a robe, a belted dress, a kimono has become a timeless staple and makes for one beautiful gift, as this incredible coffee table book, Kimono As Art (Amazon) shows.

Gifting furniture aesthetics is something that everyone desires. That's why gifting a linen upholstered chair is a great idea. We love this Linen and Wood Curved Arm Accent Chair (Amazon) and the gorgeous Soto Chair (Joybird).

A Pearl of Wisdom

MasterClass (MasterClass) is an app of online classes taught by 85+ leading experts. This was by far one of the best things I bought myself in 2019 (And recently repurchased in 2020) and gift this to my friends. This would be a wonderful gift to give anyone with a curious mind. With in depth classes from Business with Sarah Blakey or Anna Wintour, Negotiating with Chris Voss, Writing for TV with Shonda Rhimes, Writing with Margaret Atwood and James Patterson, Cooking with Gordon Ramsey, Music Production with Timbaland, Acting with Natalie Portman, Film with Martin Scorsese and one of my favorite, Ron Finley's Gardening course. These are only a few of the courses MasterClass has to offer and with a subscription, you get access to all. Such an incredible gift idea! If you're still on the fence, check out our MasterClass Review.

Need more ideas? Click here for more 12th Anniversary Gift Ideas from Happy Little Vows!


Disclaimer: Please note, some links on Happy Little Vows are affiliate links, which means we will earn a small commission if you purchase through these links (at no cost to you). We list items that we personally own and use and items that we wish to own. Most companies we have worked with for many years and know their products like the back of our hand, which is why was created; to help you find quality gifts for your loved one. Any commission helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make free content.

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