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14 Thrilling 7th Anniversary Gifts That Will Make Them Say "Wow"!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Congratulations on your upcoming 7th Anniversary! We love this anniversary so much at Happy Little Vows because the gift themes are based on the most beautiful metals, Copper for Traditional and Brass for modern. There's a ton of shiny Copper and Brass gifts to get your lover for this anniversary and below we've listed our top 14 favorite gifts. Enjoy!

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EXTRA Travel: Russia

Russia is famous for its vodka, the main ingredient in a Moscow Mule. You know, the famous cocktail served in copper mugs. Even though the 1940's drink actually originated in the USA, it counts! So, surprise your love with a trip to Russia. For fun, buy Moscow Mule ingredients, a set of copper Moscow Mule Mugs and engrave on the inside base "Ypa! We're going to Russia!" Imagine their surprise when they finish their drink to reveal this trip - definitely a winner.

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