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22 Wonderfully Weird Gift Ideas For The One That Can't Be Boxed Into Any Category

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

We all know that special someone who just doesn't fit into any specific category when finding a gift. They already have all the latest gadgets, they're not as mainstream as most people, they love to celebrate the unique - and that is why we love them, right?! So cheers to those people! However, it does mean that sometimes it's a little hard to find that perfect gift for them. But not to worry, Happy Little Vows has you covered. Below you'll find 22 gifts that will blow them away this holiday season. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links to products we use and love!

Rollerblades (Amazon)

This throw-back-from-the-90's gift has been trending this year and is a great idea to gift that special someone who loves to try new things or wants to try their old tricks again. Plus, it's a great way for them to get outdoors!

File this under great date night fun. This gift will be something you can both enjoy together and get to use later in cooking. Plus, they can personalize this gift to their tastes, making it a fun, messy and unique gift.

The Book Of The Month Subscription is an #HLVfavorites for a reason. It's a gift we give and ask for every year and is perfect for the one who loves to cozy up with a good book. Every month, they are sent a curated list of books to choose from, all ranging in different genres and all absolutely fantastic.

Neon Light (Amazon)

This ice-cream neon light oozes cool and is just that little bit different for that unique someone who is always ahead of the curve and loves a bit of funky art.

For the Disney fanatic. This Mickey Mouse Waffle Maker will give them all the joy of waffles but in that Mickey Mouse head shape to make all their wildest dreams come true.

For that love that likes to get their creative hands dirty. The Sculpd Potter Kit comes with all the tools they need, including the clay. Plus, the kit comes with tutorials on how to make several styles of cool pottery ideas to get them started.

Yes, this famous, undeniably amazing scented candle comes in a cool and quirky tin can, that will add a sense of industrial swagger to their abode.

Aerogarden (Amazon)

For the master chef. The Aerogarden grows all their herbs, lettuce or vegetables to perfection using the magic of hydroponics. Plus, it will look gorgeous on their countertop, adding a touch of greenery to the space.

This fun, rude and quirky game is perfect for the partner that loves a good competition. If they're prone to sarcasm and love a good swear word, then this gift is for them.

For the one who loves to sleep in. The Slip Silk Pillowcase will add a touch of luxury to their slumber. Plus, a silk pillowcase doesn't snag the hair and doesn't absorb face creams and hair oil like cotton pillowcases do, therefore a silk pillowcase is a must.

A fun and entertaining cookbook? Check! This cookbook combines survival tips and recipes, what's not to love?!

With so many people working from home at the moment and probably well into the future as businesses change their work models, this Mini Fridge is the perfect and thoughtful gift to mount on their desk as a luxe addition to their office. Add some snacks and they'll be ready to go.

With Drones still all the rage, gift your love this Drone with Camera and they can enjoy the day exploring the area and taking videos in general.

For the one that loves their vinyl. Gift them this retro-inspired Victrola Record Player with a couple of their favorite albums and you'll have the perfect gift set to make them dance.

Clare Bowen Album (Amazon)

Give your other half the gift of new music like this album from Clare Bowen who has the voice of an angel but enough spunk to rival the coolest unicorn - Yep, we said it. Her songs will whisk your love off to another place, which everyone needs right now. A fantastic album full of heart that's sure to be listened to on repeat.

For a different way get their morning wake up buzz, gift them with a GrowlerWerks uKeg Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Maker.

For the interior design enthusiast. This Egg Chair will bring a touch of modern cool into any room and is perfect for a cozy place to read.

The install SQ6 Mini Polaroid Camera is a fun gift to give the one that loves to document everything. Just add some film to this gift for a complete ready-to-go set.

This crystal Elegance Decanter by Waterford is a stunning centerpiece thats just a little bit different and oh so beautiful. The perfect gift for the spouse that loves to entertain.

A doormat is a way to introduce people into your home, so why not gift them something that tells the world who they are while sending them a romantic gesture at the same time - A Mixed-Tape!!! Gift this mat to the one who misses the art of the 90's mixed-tape.

Who knew sparkling water could come from such a beautiful looking machine? Give them this refreshing gift that will add some sophistication to the home space.

The Dora Maar Muse Vase by Jonathan Adler will bring a quirky vibe into their space while adding a unique piece of usable art and a sure fire conversation starter.

The next few months are going to be tough on everyone with more staying at home, so why not help them out by gifting them with a prime membership, making deliveries faster and easier, plus giving them a whole new slew of good television and movies to watch while there stuck at home.

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