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A little bit about Happy Little Vows...

Thank you to everyone who is already following this journey! Really, from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You!

Originally, the idea for Happy Little Vows was sparked when my best friend was getting married and I wanted to gift them with a book of Love Stories from couples who were happily married and their advice to the newlyweds on their wedding day on creating a long lasting and happy marriage. I looked everywhere and this book just didn't exist, so I decided to start creating one for them... 3 months before their wedding. Ha! Little did I realize how long it takes to curate stories.

Obviously, I missed the deadline. But it made me realize, these stories need to be told. These stories are real, raw, unique and beautiful parts of history. Personal love stories are powerful and inspiring.

The second half of this company came from having worked previously in the Wedding Registry business and we realized that while we were looking after the gifts of Newlyweds, there was a whole separate set of gift giving lovers we were forgetting; Wedding Anniversaries. I would often help spouses find traditional anniversary gifts for one another, with one woman calling me a "gift guru" when she was trying to find a 3rd year anniversary gift.

So, here we are. At Happy Little Vows, we love love. We want to help you find the perfect gift for your other half. We want to curate your Love Story so that it doesn't fade into history, but instead lives on so you can inspire others. And we aim to give you ideas for an awe-inspiring romantic getaway.

Below is a fun little video from our Love Stories curation series. Hopefully, it sparks a little joy inside you and inspires you to think a little on your own incredible Love Story. Enjoy!

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