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American President's And Their Epic Love Stories #HLVFavorites

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

After this past week of political drama, like many of you, at Happy Little Vows we have felt drained. We wanted to take the time to find a rainbow in the mess of all the screaming and shouting. And we realized there were some bright sparks that needed to celebrated, especially since it's what we do best at HLV, and that is Love. Over this past month we fell in love with Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff, with their fun and supportive relationship where they actively choose to lift one another up and cheer each other on. Their love has filled us with a fresh sense of joy we didn't even know we needed. And they're not alone. Over the past many years there have been many wonderful love stories that have entered the White House as Presidents and VPs.

Some may question our addition of love stories that have led to affairs, however all involved have held on stead-fast in their love and their beautiful stories of chance meetings should be told and championed like-wise. While we do not condone adultery, it would be wise to note that 16 American Presidents have been involved in affairs, many persevering to continue the epic love story they started. Controversial as it may seem, Happy Little Vows is, after all, about Love.

Below, we showcase our top 9 favorite American Presidential Love Stories including our newest VP-elect - in their own words. Enjoy!


Let's start with the inspiration for this article, Kamala Harris and Doug Emhoff. - Such a big fan of these two. A powerhouse couple, we love his adoration for her:

George and Barbara Bush - If you don't know their story make sure you watch this with some tissues, it's just beautiful:

How Barack Proposed to Michelle - The first 3 minutes of this clip is an awesome, funny and romantic story!:

John and Abagail Adams - This amazing love letter from Abagail to John is definitely worth a listen:

Jill and Joe Biden's Love Story - We love the humility in this, just heartwarming. A sincere and honest interview:

Bill Clinton on meeting Hillary Clinton - He was so nervous with her, he made so many embarrassing mistakes trying to meet her. A hilariously loving watch:

Hillary Clinton on her incredibly cool first date with Bill Clinton - This is the continued story of the above, so watch Bill Clinton's story first:

Ronald and Nancy Reagan - This love letter from Ronald to Nancy written to her for their first Christmas at the White House is just beautiful, not to mention charismatic and funny (read by former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney at Nancy Reagan's funeral):

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy - This clip comes from tapes found 50 years later of Jacquline speaking about her love for the late President:

Lastly, to cap it off with one of our favorites, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter - Did you know she was his next door neighbor? And that he met her the day after she was born? It's just beautiful to see how smitten he still is after so many years.

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