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Top 23 Most Wanted Anniversary Gifts For Him

Finding the perfect anniversary gift for your husband is hard. This search query is one of the most looked up questions on Google, so you know you're not alone. But don't worry, Happy Little Vows has got your back. I actually collaborated on this list with my amazing other half, Dustin, asking him his dream list to help me get it 'just right'. The below gift ideas are not curated by Anniversary Year which is commonly used, so if you'd prefer to choose your gift by the traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas, you can find those under Anniversary Gifts By Year at Happy Little Vows.

What are the best anniversary gifts for him?

The greatest anniversary gifts for him are great quality, no-brainer gifts that are both useful, functional, needed and lusted after that compliment their hobbies, work-life and relaxation. Like a leather backpack they can carry their computer and work items in without loosing style, something to advance their hobbies like a new drill set or grill, or perhaps a new helpful gadget like an Apple Watch or AirPods. These are all perfect gift ideas for your love on your Anniversary.

Below is our list of the 23 Most Wanted Anniversary Gifts For Him. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links to items we use and love!

Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

This leather backpack is the ultimate in work and travel accessories. I have given this as a gift to both Dustin and my brother, both are still obsessed with it. Made with the softest genuine leather on the outside and compartmentalized to the max, they'll be able to fit their laptop on the padded back section and keep their workalike organized on the inside. The padded straps and sweat wicking back are added luxuries that make this stylish backpack incredible.

For your avid golf fan. This Travel Putting Practice Set is perfect for anyone who loves to practice in their office or hotel room, or just loves to use it to relax a little. Made from beautiful wood, it really is a stunning gift to give and packs up beautifully into its own case.

I rave about MasterClass for a reason. This is a fantastic gift to give the one who loves to learn. I have given this as a gift multiple times to my girlfriends and gift it to myself every year. From doing so, my friends husbands have taken their MasterClass viewings over, watching Ron Finley's Gardening lessons (and starting their own composting), watching Aaron Franklin's BBQ lessons (and now making ribs and BBQ non-stop) and mine consumes all the music classes he can devour of St. Vincent, Timbaland, Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman (and then created a music studio in our lounge room). It really is something they'll use to create and improve on life - and what bigger gift is there in life than helping to improve someones world. If you want to look further into why MasterClass is worth buying as a gift, check out my MasterClass Review on Happy Little Vows.

For the music fanatic, the Epiphone Hummingbird Guitar is THE lust worth guitar for any guitarist. It's the guitar they'll reach for every time they play. Featuring the Hummingbird art this guitar is known for and made with beautiful cherry wood, this guitar will make their dreams come true.

The Apple Watch is one of those useful, no-brainer gadget gifts. If they don't own one of these yet or have a really old version, then it's time to get them one. Through voice command they can compose messages, make calls or turn on connected lights in the home. They can use it to track their exercise, read emails, check the weather, set reminders and organize their calendar. It really is remarkable how easy an Apple Watch makes life. If you have one, you already know it's the perfect gift to give.

I love this record player. It not only looks amazing, but it plays beautifully. If they're into their vinyl or you're both thinking of starting a collection, this is a fantastic gift option. Keep in mind you will need to buy a sounder or speakers with this in order to hear it. But believe me, it is worth it.

Wowza, if your husband loves his scents, then this is the only gift they need. Santal 33 by Le Labo is hands down the sexiest scent they'll ever wear (plus it's unisex, so you can feel free to steal it sometimes - I know I do). With notes of Sandalwood, cedarwood, leather, musk, violet, cardamon and iris it will become the only scent they ever reach for again.

For the one who loves to create or is Mr. Fix-it, this DeWalt drill set is that incredible gift that they'll use all the time. Other ideas in the realm if they already own these but you'd like to continue their collection are, a Mitre Saw (Amazon), a Circular Saw (Amazon) or Dust Extractor (Amazon).

This mid century Eames inspired recliner chair with ottoman is made with genuine leather will make any design enthusiast say "Wow!' This stunning set will help them relax in style and be a great addition to the home.

The Apple iPad Pro is that incredible, lust-worthy gadget they've been dying to get their hands on. It makes it so easy to work on, watch their movies, FaceTime/zoom with friends and for work meetings, as well as design with the help of an Apple Pencil (Amazon).

These sneakers are on trend right now in running. Made with lightweight materials and injury protection design, the shoe's design promotes a more forward foot strike and centered running position, making running a more efficient and pleasurable experience. Plus, there's so many cool colors and color combinations to choose from, so the perfect sneaker will be in there for them.

For the grill master and the one who loves to cook. The infamous Traeger is the ultimate grill. They'll be able to open grill or slow smoke using pellets or different types of wood chips to create different styles of tasty cuisines. The best part of all this of course, is all the yummy food you'll get to consume after they've made it.

This Blue Nile Money Clip makes a gorgeous and sophisticated gift. With added pinstripes, this clip features a blank end that can be left blank or engraved with their initials.

Sound is one of the most important senses for the ultimate tv or film watching experience and Sonos is the ultimate in sound quality. This Sonos Sound bar is sleek, modern and stylish, a fantastic addition to your console. Plus they'll love the different modes of sound the can control from this bar.

For the sports fan. Official National or Team equipment is always a great gift to give any fan. This official NFL Wilson "The Duke" Football would be a great addition to any NFL fans collection. They're not into NFL?? That's ok. There's plenty of other options, like a tennis racket (Amazon), soccer ball (Amazon), basketball hoop (Amazon) or hockey stick (Amazon) to name a few.

AirPods are yet another no-brainer gift that is something they'll use every day. These wireless headphones are sleek and practical with fantastic sound quality. They also come with the charging case for easy recharging and storage.

For the one who loves to workout, or the one who is just getting back into it. Support their at home workouts with the gift of dumbbells. This set will be much appreciated as it will allow them to change up their strength training with different weight amounts. Plus, it comes with a great A-Frame stand, perfect for a small gym space.

My other half made sure I added these slippers in as he is obsessed with these and wears his every day. The inner lining creates a super comfortable and plush experience, while the leather outer keeps the slippers looking cool and stylish. The slippers come in a variety of outer leather colors, so they can have the perfect pair for them.

For the one who loves to relax outdoors. The infamous Solo Stove Fire Pit is known for making a great fire while still looking stylish on your porch. They'll be able to laze away under the stars next to the warmth of the fire. For fun, gift this with a s'mores kit (Amazon) and some firewood (Amazon) so they can use it straight away.

The Wavestorm 8' Surf Board is the perfect gift for that husband that has always wanted to learn to surf or is just starting to find their groove in the water. With the stunning vintage sunburst design, it is a stunning board to ride the waves on. For fun, gift this with a set of lessons so they can start surfing asap.

For the one who loves the stars. This Meade Astronomy Telescope is a fantastic telescope for beginners and hobbyists alike. They'll be able to see the galaxy close up with the 4" Lens and red dot view finder. Its multiple accessories includes astronomical software, a Altazimuth mount with panhandle and slow motion controls for precision tracking.

Summer is well on its way and camping out in the great outdoors is the perfect way to spend time with one another. Gift the famous Big Agnes Tent to the hiker, camper or the one who loves sleeping under the stars. Other camping ideas are a sleeping bag (Amazon) or sleeping pad (Amazon).

A power washer is one of those weirdly wanted gift on most husbands lists. They'll use it to make their car sparkle, hose down the driveway and house, and generally just have fun watching the specks of dirt flitter away. Features all the attachments they'll need, like hose, spray gun and four different spray nozzles for ultimate effectiveness.

Did you know: Happy Little Vows has an entire section dedicated to Anniversary Gifts by Year? You can pick your Anniversary Year and you'll find curated gift ideas for that years traditional and modern themes.


Disclaimer: Please note, some links on Happy Little Vows are affiliate links, which means we will earn a small commission if you purchase through these links (at no cost to you). We list items that we personally own and use and items that we wish to own. Most companies we have worked with for many years and know their products like the back of our hand, which is why was created; to help you find quality gifts for your loved one. Any commission helps support the blog and allows us to continue to make free content.

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