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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Traditional and Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Congratulations - it looks as if you have a wedding anniversary coming up! Choosing an anniversary gift for your loved one every year can become tedious and hard, we get it. It's no coincidence the gifting of socks became a well known joke. Here at Happy Little Vows, we've done all the work for you. Not only have we sorted out the Traditional and Modern Anniversary Gifts for you by year, but given you gift options and ideas that will make them say "Wow!". Below you'll find a cheat sheet to the world of Anniversary Gifts and options for each individual year. Have fun finding that perfect gift for the perfect spouse. Enjoy!

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This post contains affiliate links to products we use and love!

1st Anniversary

Traditional: Paper | Modern: Clock

This is your first anniversary gift, which is exciting! There are so many options for your paper and clock gift ideas, like an Apple Watch (Amazon). a sleek Mid-Century retro starburst wall clock (Amazon) or even a twig table clock (Horchow). For paper, a beautiful idea is a calligraphy set (Amazon), a scratch off travel map (Amazon), a personalized family portrait (Uncommon Goods) or a subscription to Book Of The Month.

Travel Idea: Surprise them with a trip to Egypt to see how Papyrus is made or a collection of travel hiking maps (REI) of places to explore together!

2nd Anniversary

Traditional: Cotton | Modern: China

Obviously, a beautiful set of china (Amazon) or tea cups (Horchow) make a great gift for your china anniversary. Another option is an iconic vase (Horchow) - for fun, present the vase with the second anniversary flower, Lily of the Valley. Other china and cotton gifts ideas such as a picnic set (Amazon), a cozy throw (Amazon), a luxurious sheet set from Sferra (Amazon), a Lladro Chess Set (Amazon) or a Briggs & Riley cargo backpack (Amazon) would make fabulous gifts.

Travel Idea: I know it's obvious, but surprise your love with a trip China. Great Wall, Forbidden City, Imposing Statues? Yes Please!

3rd Anniversary

Traditional: Leather | Modern: Crystal/Glass

Your 3rd anniversary has so many fabulous gifts to give. Among our favorites are a leather backpack (Amazon), a leather sofa (Amazon), an iPad (Amazon) and crystal decanter (Horchow). For other ideas, consider a pair of leather dress shoes (Amazon), a sapphire crystal necklace (Blue Nile), soundbar speaker (Amazon) or crystal vase (Amazon). And for something different, make a cocktail kit, including a cocktail mixing recipe book (Amazon), crystal cocktail glasses (Horchow) and bar tool set (Horchow).

Travel Idea: Surprise your love with a trip to Italy to see how some of the best leather products are made or Ireland, the home of traditional crystal.

4th Anniversary

Traditional: Fruits/Flowers | Modern: Appliances

Happy 4 years together! Fruits, flowers and appliances give you so many options to make your other half smile. A lemon tree (Amazon) or growing planter (Uncommon Goods), for example, are great gifts - for fun, give these with something to engrave both your initials in when the tree grows. A KitchenAid Mixer (Amazon), the incredible Coravin (Coravin) or Instant Pot (Amazon) for an appliance gift and a floral necklace (Blue Nile) or floral stud earrings (Blue Nile) for floral jewelry. Don't forget to think outside the box, with a cordless drill kit (Amazon) or Traeger Grill (Amazon) and for the coffee enthusiast, a Nespresso Vertuo Next Bundle (Amazon).

Travel Idea: Hawaii is famous for its stunning flora and natural landscape. Say Aloha! with a surprise trip to Hawaii!

5th Anniversary

Traditional: Wood | Modern: Silverware

Your 5th anniversary is full of fun wood and silverware gifts that will excite the one you love. Try a great U-Turn turntable (Amazon)- for fun, gift some great albums (Amazon) they can play on it. We also love this stylish office golf set (Amazon), so they can practice for the green no matter where they are. Other ideas include, the perfect carry-on luggage (Amazon), an 8-piece steak knife set (Amazon), the Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar (Amazon), a stylish mid-century modern Soto chair (Joybird) or a luxurious Christofle Mood Egg (Amazon).

Travel Idea: Take a walk in the woods to see the majestic Redwood trees with a surprise trip to Muir Woods near San Fransisco, California.

6th Anniversary

Traditional: Candy/Iron | Modern: Wood

It's your 6th anniversary, congratulations! No one says "no" to fancy chocolate, so give them a beautiful box of artisanal chocolates (Horchow). Other great ideas include, furniture or a gorgeous reading chair (Joybird) - for fun, gift the reading chair with a Book Of The Month subscription. Music lovers will go crazy for the Eric Clapton Stratocaster Electric Guitar (Amazon) or a wood U-Turn turntable (Amazon). Also, a smokeless fire pit (Amazon) or Original Grain wood watch (Amazon).

Travel Idea: New York City holds the famous M&M store, so gift your love a box filled with M&M's with a surprise ticket inside for a trip for two to NYC!

7th Anniversary

Traditional: Copper | Modern: Brass

Your 7th anniversary is all about classic metals, copper and brass, which make for some exciting gifts. Ideas like, copper moscow mule mugs (Amazon), All-Clad 5 piece copper cookware set (Amazon), a copper plated beer growler (Amazon) and a snowboard (REI) are some fabulous ideas. We also love this brass sculpture (Amazon) and the brass Johnathan Adler Tic Tac Toe Set (Amazon). A Gingko Leaves Sculpture (Horchow) and brass based Nola Accent Chair (Joybird) are also on the list of gifts we'd love to receive.

Travel Idea: Cyprus was famous for their copper. Why not surprise your other half with a trip to the stunning Mediterranean island of Cyprus!

8th Anniversary

Traditional: Bronze | Modern: Linen/Lace

It's your 8th anniversary - congratulations! For some fantastic bronze, linen or lace gift ideas, we suggest a luxurious set of sheets by Sferra (Amazon), this bronze couple sculpture (Amazon), a bronze Lalique statue (Horchow) or this Fire Pit (Amazon). For other ideas, there's a Harmonica Set (Amazon), this beautifully upholstered chair (Joybird) or stylish throw pillows (Target). Hiking boots (Amazon), a Traeger grill in bronze (Amazon) or carry-on luggage (Amazon) are also great gift ideas. And if you're looking at gifting the fashionable, vintage clothing (Zaza Vintage Store), an Urban Decay eye palette (Amazon), a Tommy Hilfiger suit (Amazon) or the bronze Ray Ban aviator sunglasses (Amazon) are sure to please.

Travel Idea: The origin of linen started in Germany, so why not surprise them with a trip to Germany!

9th Anniversary

Traditional: Pottery | Modern: Leather

Your 9th anniversary is a great chance to gift pottery and leather items. Think, a beautiful set of stoneware plates (Target), a pottery class for them to learn, a leather backpack (Amazon), even a leather sofa (Amazon). Other gifts we love, include a vegan leather convertible tote bag (Uncommen Goods) or stoneware planter (Amazon) - for fun, gift this with their favorite plant. There's also a bike (REI), the Matador Wood Bongos (Amazon) and a leather apron (Amazon).

Travel Idea: Famous for its glazed pottery, surprise your love with a trip to Spain!

10th Anniversary

Traditional: Tin/Aluminium | Modern: Diamond Jewelry

Happy 10 years! This is a big anniversary and one that allows for you to be as creative as you want. A couple of our favorite items are a tent (Amazon) or luggage (Amazon). Obviously, diamond earrings, a necklace or a new fun diamond ring (Blue Nile) are perfect for this anniversary. For other ideas, try a gift set of Swarovski crystal flutes (Amazon) with a bottle of Moèt. An iPad (Amazon), bike (REI) and Google Nest Home Hub (Target) are also fantastic.

Travel Idea: Surprise your soulmate with a trip to the city of lights that sparkles like a diamond, Paris!

11th Anniversary

Traditional: Steel | Modern: Fashion Jewelry

With steel and fashion jewelry as the category for your 11th anniversary, there are so many options to gift your loved one. This incredibly stylish Solo fire pit (Amazon), a flatware set (Amazon) or even a All-Clad cookware set (Amazon) are wonderful ideas. For fashion jewelry ideas, think of a men's necklace (Target) or these beautiful everyday earrings (Blue Nile). A cold brew coffee maker (Amazon), Electra Cruiser bike (REI) or these artistic Carol Boyes salad servers (Amazon) are also fabulous gifts.

Travel Ideas: Take your love of a surprise trip to the capital of fashion, Milan!

12th Anniversary

Traditional: Silk/Linen | Modern: Pearls

Happy 12 years together! A pearl necklace (Blue Nile) or drop pearl earrings (Amazon) are a beautiful gift. Other gifting options are a Silk tie (Amazon), luxury sheets (Amazon) or a Sferra throw (Amazon). A Midnight Kimono Robe (Uncommon Goods) or Pearl Candle Holder (Horchow) are also wonderful ideas. For a little but luxe, try a large cargo backpack (Amazon) or beautifully upholstered modern chair (Joybird) - for fun, gift the chair with a Book Of The Month subscription.

Travel Ideas: Surprise your soulmate with a trip to Japan, make sure you pick up a beautiful Kimono while you're there.

13th Anniversary

Traditional: Lace | Modern: Textiles

Your 13th year anniversary is a fun anniversary gift to give. While fabrics are definitely a good idea, there are also a few ideas out of the fabric box. A few ideas for this anniversary are luggage (Amazon), a luxurious mid-century chair (Amazon) or anti-theft backpack (Uncommon Goods). Other ideas are a luxury sheet set by Sferra (Amazon), Gold and Lace Fine Art (Horchow), a Ugg Robe (Amazon) or Gold Dipped Lace Heart Necklace (Uncommon Goods).

Travel Ideas: Portugal is known for their textiles work. What better excuse than to whisk your love away to see the wonders of Portugal!

14th Anniversary

Traditional: Animal Items | Modern: Gold Jewelry

Congratulations on your 14th anniversary! This is one our favorite anniversary's at Happy Little Vows thanks to its huge range of gift options and of course, animals. For the animal themed gifts we love animal adoption (Petfinder), a stylish pet carrier (Amazon) or Furbo treat tossing camera (Amazon). This necklace (Blue Nile) and ruby and gold earrings (Uncommon Goods) make gorgeous gifts. And for some fun ideas, the Bandai Pacman X Tamagotchi Nano (Amazon) or these Nambe elephant salt and pepper shakers (Amazon) are sure to make them smile.

Travel Idea: Surprise your lover with a trip to Australia to explore the golden sandy beaches!

15th Anniversary

Traditional: Crystal | Modern: Watches

Your 15th anniversary is a classic year for gifts, but don't forget to have some fun with it! A crystal decanter (Amazon) or a set of double old fashioned glasses (Amazon) make a great gift. Options in the watch catagory are a sports watch (REI), an Apple Watch (Amazon) or this mid-century wall clock (Amazon), all of which will be received with a "Wow!". Also, a crystal frame (Amazon) or the fun and classic Baccarat crytal butterfly (Amazon).

Travel Idea: Surprise your love with a trip to the place where time starts, London!

20th Anniversary

Traditional: China | Modern: Platinum

You can be as broad as you want with the 20th anni very gift. Porcelain is used instead of china a lot these days, so a beautiful Dora Maar porcelain vase (Amazon) would make a great gift - for fun, gift the vase with some flowers. Other options are a fancy teacup (Horchow), a platinum bracelet (Blue Nile), a money clip (Amazon) or Bose headphones (Amazon). A stylish idea is hanging cocktail bar (Uncommon Goods), double heart necklace (Blue Nile) or platinum Lalique Crystal Horse (Horchow).

Trip Idea: Famous for their delftware china, the Netherlands is a stunning place to visit. Surprise your love with a trip to Amsterdam.

25th Anniversary

Traditional: Silver | Modern: Silver Jewelry

Your 25th anniversary is one where you can think outside the box because silver can mean, color, metal or meaning. Naturally a beautiful idea is a necklace or set of earrings (Blue Nile), or an updated ring (Amazon) perhaps. There's also Bose headphones (Amazon), an iPad (Amazon) or laptop (Amazon)... the world is your oyster, which is also a kind of silvery color. Other options include, a silver Coravin (Coravin), the Hypervolt Cordless Massager (Amazon) or a Solo fire pit (Amazon) for those romantic nights under the stars making s'mores. A silver Baccarat flower (Amazon) the GoPro (Amazon) are also on the list of items we would love to receive for our anniversary.

Travel Idea: Hollywood is the home of the Silver Screen, surprise your love with a trip to Los Angeles!

30th Anniversary

Traditional: Pearl | Modern: Diamond

Pearl and diamond gifts, how can you go wrong with these classics?! Of course, a stylish pearl necklace (Blue Nile) or set of earrings (Blue Nile) will make a stunning gift. Or, if you married a musician, a pearl white electric cello (Amazon), a Pearl drum set (Amazon) or a set with a pearlized wrap will be perfect additions to their collection. And naturally the Pearlized KitchenAid (Target) or this Men's watch with pearl backing (Amazon) would be ecstatically received.

Travel Idea: Philippines is known as the Pearl of the Orient, so surprise your soulmate with a trip to see the clear blue waters and soak in the sunshine.

35th Anniversary

Traditional: Coral | Modern: Emerald

It's your 35th anniversary - congratulations! Coral and emerald gifts are a beautiful combination, making this one our favorite anniversary dates at Happy Little Vows. This stunning Lalique Baccantes Vase in Deep Green (Amazon), the Micheal Aram Coral Serving Bowl (Amazon) or this beautiful coral sculpture (Amazon) would make gorgeous classic gifts. For a more out of the box idea they'll never see coming, the emerald green felt of a pool table (Amazon) or green velvet chair (Joybird) would make fabulous gifts. And of course, an emerald necklace (Blue Nile) will always be a winning gift.

Travel Idea: Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle or for the coral theme, visit the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

40th Anniversary

Traditional: Ruby | Modern: Ruby

Ruby's are beautiful in jewelry like earrings (Amazon) and necklaces (Blue Nile). But there is also other areas of the ruby category that make great gifting ideas, like the KitchenAid Mixer (Amazon), a ruby-red drill set (Amazon), a turntable (Amazon) or a cherry tree (Amazon). Plus, we can't forget to add this beautiful ruby colored chair (Joybird).

Travel Idea: Surprise your love with a trip to New Zealand to visit Ruby Island near Lake Wanaka.

45th Anniversary

Traditional: Sapphire | Modern: Sapphire

Your 45th anniversary is a sophisticated one, sapphire themed. Sapphire's look stunning as a ring (Blue Nile), necklace (Amazon) or earrings (Blue Nile), but there are also plenty of other ways to give your love that sapphire surprise. A velvet chair (Amazon) or art work (Horchow) will make a wonderful gift. Sapphire color luggage (Amazon), a Baccarat sapphire crystal butterfly (Horchow) or a sapphire cordless drill (Amazon) would be perfect gifts and make your soulmate smile.

Travel Idea: Surprise you dearest with a cruise on the sapphire waters of Greece!

50th Anniversary

Traditional: Gold | Modern: Gold

Happy 50th anniversary! This is a huge celebration and there are a lot of gifts to go with this anniversary, some classic and some with a bit of flair. The gold hardware on a fashionable handbag (Amazon) and the gold liquid of fragrance (Amazon) count as fantastic gold gifts. Gold jewelry (Blue Nile) is also another incredible gift, like these stunning drop earrings (Amazon) or this beautiful Eternity Ring (Blue Nile). A framed gold record (Uncommon Goods) with your wedding date will be a sleek surprise or perhaps, a gold calligraphy pen (Amazon). This gold based upholstered chair (Amazon) will be a beautiful and comfortable addition to surprise any avid reader - for fun, gift the chair with a book subscription from Book Of The Month and you'll blow them away!

Travel Idea: Bring on the gold and gift your love with a trip to Vegas!

60th Anniversary

Traditional: Diamond | Modern: Diamond

Diamonds are everybody's best friend. Jewelry is a classic option with this gift, like beautiful diamond ring (Blue Nile) or this rough diamond necklace (Amazon). But think about a Mont Blanc Diamond Pen (Amazon), a Waterford Diamond Decanter (Amazon) or Diamond Headlamp (REI) for the late night tinkerer, gardener or explorer. Also, the silver Torq Carry-On (Amazon) is a favorite of ours.

Travel Idea: For a beautiful anniversary travel gift, take a cruise to see the glaciers of snow-capped Canada.

This post contains affiliate links to products and places we use and love!

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