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Coravin: The Perfect Anniversary Gift #HLVfavorite

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

This post contains affiliate links to products we own and love!

If you've never experienced the wonders of the Corovin wine preservation system, you've been missing out. At Happy Little Vows, we've added the Coravin in our list of favorite anniversary gifts, so you know that means it's amazing. Before I bought mine, I had been lusting after the Corvin. In my past job working with registry couples, I would show this gift multiple times a day and had many trainings by the company - which only made me want it more. I finally bought one and I have never looked back. And right now, you can get a coravin for up to 46% off. Here are the five main reasons why gifting your love a Coravin is a great idea - besides you also reaping the rewards;

  1. It's a good-looking gift that serves an amazing function that keeps on giving: The Coravin inserts a needle through the cork so once they're done pouring and pull the device out, the cork seals itself leaving the wine preserved.

  2. It's perfect for those "just one glass" days: They can pour as much as they want from the bottle of wine without even opening it.

  3. It's not just for drinking: Sure, it can pour the perfect glass of wine, however, it can also used for cooking. If they don't want to open an entire bottle for a delicious pasta sauce, with the Coravin your spouse can use just what they need without disturbing the bottle.

  4. It's great for guest drink diversity: There's always that one guest who doesn't drink the same wine everyone else is having, and now, that's ok. Your love can use the Coravin to pour the one glass from any corked bottle without opening a whole bottle just for that picky guest.

  5. They can taste-test their expensive wines: Still have that bottle from your wedding day? Or a bottle you're both not quite ready to open yet? They can do a little taste-test and keep the rest for later.

Coravin models we love:

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