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From Stood Up On The First Date to Elopement - Megan & Jose's Whirlwind Love Story

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I met Jose when I started working in his engineering office. He used to strut through the office (he swears he didn't!) and I knew I had to get this guy, who talked to no one, to talk to me! 

We were supposed to meet at a local bar during the week and he STOOD ME UP! He will tell you he wrote my number down wrong. Fast forward a couple weeks, two of my friends had taken my Mamaw to a male review show and Jose (actually showed up) to pick me up afterwards. I stayed the night with him and when we woke up we both just kinda knew it's where we were supposed to be.  I moved in two days later and he proposed 3 months to the day. We had planned a wedding but got pregnant before, so we eloped to Vegas! Hands down the best decision I've ever made. He'd say the same. We have been married for 6 years, together 7. 

My best piece of advice would be to always make time for JUST the two of you. We now have 5 kids and finding that time gets harder as they get older, but it's not an option anymore. We can feel when things are getting a little tense. We've learned to take a breath and plan a small getaway to regroup and spend time alone.

~ Love Story by Megan Cabral

Note: This love story is part of on ongoing curation in a series called Love Stories that details how couples met and their advice on how to create a long and happy marriage. Want to tell your love story and be a featured Love Story on Happy Little Vows? We'd love to hear it! Check out our HLV Instructions for more details.

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