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33 Gifts For Your Talented Artist

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

We all know someone who has talent oozing out of their fingertips. But what gift do you buy for those with artistic talents?

Those with artistic talents can fall under the realm of any art form, like painter, actor, musician, potter, dancer or photographer to name a very few. Gifts that help to teach, aid and inspire their creative endeavor are usually your best gift options. Gifts like a class for continued training, an instrument they can use or an object they can feel or look at to be inspired by will all make fantastic and thoughtful gift ideas for artists.

Below you'll find our list of 33 Gifts For Your Talented Artist. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links to products we use and love!

MasterClass Subscription (MasterClass)

For the one who loves to learn. A years subscription to MasterClass is always top of my list in gifts. Your giftee can learn from the best in the industry with courses taught by top professionals in each field. Like Photography with Annie Leibovitz, Ballet with Misty Copeland, Writing with Margaret Atwood, Music with Alicia Keys, Cooking with Gordon Ramsey and Interior Design with Kelly Wearstler to name a very few.

This fantastic art kit comes with everything they need to create a masterpiece including a beautiful easel. Once they channel their inspiration, nothing can stop them.

If they're still learning to play guitar, this is the perfect gift to provide inspiration at the touch of their fingertips.

Throwing clay is an art that demands steady hands and a clear mind. This pottery turntable is a great gift for that special someone who likes go off into their own world. Plus they can create usable objects like plates and vases.

This beautiful book, Drag: The Complete Story (A Look at the History and Culture of Drag) is filled with gorgeous images and will make a great edition to the coffee table display.

For the one who misses movie theaters. All you need now is a screen or blank white wall, some popcorn and a cozy blanket and you'll have a fantastic little movie theatre where they can watch all their favorites.

Leathercraft Working Tool Kit (Amazon)

For the one who likes to make things. This leather kit comes with everything they'll need to make their leather dreams come true, from shoes to bags to belts.

For the cozy bookworm. This beautiful collection of Jane Austen novels is a must for their bookshelf. Writers will love this study of Austen's lyrical written word.

Not only is this lust-worthy, luxe coffee maker a great addition to the household (and one that will definitely be enjoyed by others), but they'll be able to channel their inner artist by learning to create foamy latte art.

The 3D Printing Pen is definitely a trend for this year. They'll be able to design and create 3D art and models with just the touch of a button and glide of their hand. Pure magic!

Tap Shoes (Amazon) / Ballet shoes and barre (Amazon)

With many dance studios closed right now, this is a great gift to get your love so they can practice their moves at home. We highly recommend investing in a large wooden board, so they can practice indoors without scuffing the floors. Likewise, ballet shoes and a barre would make a beautiful gift.

For the one who loves fashion and design. This sewing machine will help keep their creative juices flowing. Think of all the beautiful new clothing, bedding and a whole slew of other designs they can sew and create with the push of a peddle.

For the one who keeps moving the furniture around. This interior design coffee table book will add inspiration whilst adding to the esthetics of the home.

For the one who shines, help their voice be heard. Musicians, comedians and actors will appreciate this professional grade microphone which is used by the greats and will make a fabulous gift whether they're just starting out or already gracing the stage.

Meaural Canvass II (Amazon)

A top on my personal list, the Meural Canvass II is artwork you can change with the swish of your hand. With access to top museum archives and local artists all over the world, there's tons of artwork for every mood with thousands of paintings and photography to choose from. And the high-quality digital frame adjusts to your homes lighting so that it will always look just like the original artwork.

Wood Lathe (Amazon)

A fantastic gift for anyone who has wanted to learn or improve on their wood making talents. Using the wood lathe, they'll be able to carve, shave, polish and create beautiful pieces of art and usable objects.

For the ultimate fashion muse. This coffee table book showcases the most beautiful costumes throughout the years.

TheCanon EOS 6D Mark II Camera is a great pro camera that will give them the ability to shoot images with a new range of depth.

Give your other half the gift of new music like this album from Clare Bowen who has the voice of an angel but enough spunk to rival the coolest unicorn - Yep, we said it. A fantastic album full of heart that's sure to be listened to on repeat.

For that love that likes to get their creative hands dirty. The Sculpd Pottery Kit comes with all the tools they need, including the clay. Plus, the kit comes with tutorials on how to make several styles of cool pottery ideas to get them started. No kiln needed.

Weaving can be tricky, but with this Weaving Loom for Beginners kit, they'll be able to start creating beautiful pieces of woven art.

Acrylic paint pouring has become on-trend this past year with everyone stuck indoors and you can see why. With this kit they'll have all the colors they need to create stunning pieces of art. Gift this with some paint pouring panel boards (Amazon) and a heat gun (Amazon) and they'll be able to start creating a masterpiece straight away.

For the artist that loves to build. The DeWalt Drill Kit is a much needed gift for any artist who constructs sculptures, builds furniture or needs to install their art.

This neon light is cool right?! This art piece created in neon lights will be a talking point and focal feature in the home.

This gorgeous Statue Planter or Vase will make a stunning piece of art decor they will love for years. Gift this with a beautiful bouquet or flower subscription so they can play with the art pieces full effect.

For the magician in your life. This magic kit will teach them new tricks they'll be practicing on you until they've perfected them. What fun!

For the one who loves to make loud noises all the time - gift them with a drum set! The Ludwig Element Evolution set is also a great addition to any drummers collection with Black Sparkle a popular and classic color.

For the fun photographer out there that loves to document everything. The fashion forward Instax Mini 70 Polaroid camera is sleek and modern with vintage charm. Gift this with a box of polaroid film (Amazon) and you'll have a fantastic gift they'll take everywhere.

Henri Matisse (1869-1954) was known for his use of color. In "Matisse: The Books", Louise Rogers Lalaurie reintroduces us to Matisse by creating a page-by-page discussion of the famous french painters works. The perfect gift for the painter or art collector in your life.

This 6 piece metal art installation is a beautiful piece of inspiration for all artists. Plus, they can arrange the discs in their own order for a unique and special display they'll love.

The Moog Grandmother Semi-Modular Analog Keyboard is coveted by musicians. This professional grade instrument will be a perfect addition to their in-home studio and on-stage performance.

The dessert recipes in this cookbook are based on actual pieces of artwork. Not for the faint of heart, the recipes are complex but the outcome is stunning and definitely worth it.

Dora Maar was a photographer and painter, however most famously, was one of Picasso's muses he painted many times. This Dora Maar Muse Vase by Jonathan Adler depicts Picasso's augmented face sentiment of Maar perfectly and will make a beautiful, abstract art gift.

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