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Relationship Enhancing Gift Ideas For Valentines Day

Gifts that enhance your special relationship are powerful and important. With Valentines Day just around the corner and us spending more time indoors with one another, this Valentines Day feels very different. But, perhaps instead it is the perfect opportunity to focus on each other and gift something that will enhance your relationship and flame that special spark.

What makes a great relationship enhancing gift?

Anything that brings you closer to your love, allows you to open up, talk or express yourself are all great relationship enhancing gift ideas. Think about ways you can boost your connection with one another in fun and surprising ways.

Fun Activity Idea: Warren Buffet said this and I love the idea; Write down 25 top goals, and then circle the top 5 most important. Then, separate the top 5 into their own list. Put the other goals on a 'Not to do' list and ignore everything on that list until you've achieved your top 5. - This would be a great exercise to do with one another to help create an alignment of goals and interests moving forward.

Below are our top relationship enhancing gift ideas. Enjoy!

This post contains affiliate links to products we use and love!

This famous book is something every couple should read. It highlights the area that is important to your partner and how to address the theme in their best interest. A really interesting read.

Dive deep into this personal experience together of unlocking each others ancestry story. The kit includes a personal genetic dna test with 2000+ geographical locations, trait reports and a dna relative finder.

For bringing a little heat, fun and imagination into the relationship, gift them this Position of the Day Book.

Is there anything as good as fresh, clean sheets?! To promote premium cuddling and ultimate bonding, gift this to the one who loves to sleep in luxury.

I talk a lot about MasterClass and there's a good reason for it. I love to learn and I love the idea of bettering someone's life with an educational gift. I'm on MasterClass at least once a week, whether it's learning about sales, interior design or writing. My partner watches it for the sports and music classes. It's one of my favorite gifts. There's even a new MasterClass on Sex and Communication with Emily Morse... just saying.

Think of this gift as one you will also receive and pamper each other with a relaxing deep tissue massage. This brand of Deep Tissue Massager is used by physiotherapists all across the country, that's how good it is.

Scent is a huge factor in connection with your love and Le Labo's Santal 33 Parfum is hands down the sexiest scent by far. This unisex scent features sandalwood, leather and floral notes that will become the main scent they reach for.

Tickets are a fantastic idea for a gift and experiences are fantastic for bonding. While there may not be very many establishments open to visit, there are still controlled experiences you can do together for your date day or night to connect with one another. Currently, there are some theatre and concert venues offering socially distanced experiences. You can roam together around your local botanical gardens. Or perhaps a date night at your local drive-in movies - all of these are safe controlled date experiences.

I love cooking together, so many senses come alive and it's nothing new that a way to someones heart is through their stomach. Normally, Sur La Table offers fantastic cooking classes in-store, but now, they offer live classes online. It's such a fantastic gift to give or do together.

Perhaps this is the year to work on your financial journey together. David Bach is a New Your Times Bestseller for his financial books and this book, Smart Couples Finish Rich is a great place to start tackling your finances as a couple.

This book will create inspiration for you both. Sit down and create a bucket list of places you'd love to see together. Maybe even incorporate the ideas from this into your top 25 list of goals.

For a little fun on Valentines night, this card game will have you talking, laughing and connecting in a very special way. This couples card game can be used as one game or split into three separate games - all of them designed to bring you both closer in mind and body.

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