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Romantic Travel Idea ~ Cinque Terre, Italy

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Photo credit: Brooks Rice @brooksrice

written by Sofia Quintana-Reyna of Clarity and Conviction

Cinque Terre literally means five lands. A quick three-hour train ride from Rome and you are transported to five small picturesque towns. Think the Amalfi Coast but smaller, less traveled, and half the price. Personally, my favorite town to stay at was Monterosso Al Mare, out of the five towns it has the best beach. Our favorite excursion, and the best part of Cinque Terre is that you can explore all towns by foot, there is a trail that connects all of them called Sentiero no. 2 or Sentiero Azzuro. Imagine hiking through small vineyards while still having the perfect ocean view, during our hike we even encountered stray cat homes that the locals had built, they leave food and water out for them daily. Not to mention the breathtaking views from the trail of all the many-colored houses on the mountain, surrounded by the ocean. Each town has its own charm: the neighborhood gossips gathering at the park bench, the aroma of the fresh pesto being prepared, the smell of the wine from the vines that we walked by on our hike, and the locals cliff jumping into the crystal water. We fell in love with the slower pace that Cinque Terre offered, and the many nooks and crannies each town had to explore. We will visit Cinque Terre again; this little paradise is very near to our hearts.

Where to stay:

There are some beautiful places to stay in Cinque Terre. Hotel Stella della Marina in Monterosso Al Mare is in a prime location, with a terrace that overlooks the town and the sea. Or stay up above the cliffs with endless blue before you in Luna Di Marzo. And if you're looking for absolute luxury with room sea views and gorgeous decor, First - Il Sogno di Manarola

is your pick.

Where next?

We are currently planning a trip to Thailand, we have never been to any Asian countries and are excited to keep adventuring in this great world!

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