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Romantic Travel Ideas ~ Malaysia

I love Malaysia. It has such a diverse topography, with beautiful sandy beaches and bright blue warm ocean water, bustling cities and wild jungles. My Mom/ultimate travel buddy lived there for two years so I was able to visit a couple of times and we would travel together all around the country, it was so much fun! As we travelled there was always a little part tugging at my heartstrings, I could see how Malaysia would be an incredible place to explore with my love as well. While, due to Covid, we might not be traveling anytime too soon, it's only for right now and besides, planning is half the fun. If you've ever wondered about Malaysia, I highly recommend it. Below are some of my favorite sights in Malaysia, places I dream about taking my other half to some day soon.

First stop, you can't miss is the capital, Kuala Lumpur. Famous for its Patronas Twin Towers, the city is a mishmash of old traditional colonial style asian design and artistic glass skyscrapers. In the city you'll find swirling streets of outdoor markets and restaurants, like Opium (Tripadvisor), which has incredible Dim Sum and art on your plate Chinese/Malaysian fusion food. One of my favorite places though in Kuala Lumpur is the Heli Lounge Bar (Tripadvisor), a bar that is literally on a helicopter pad on top of one of Kuala Lumpur's highest buildings. There's no fence (eek!), but there are nets that will catch you if you fall. No, this is not for anyone scared of heights, but the view is worth it and being here with your spouse will be something to remember. At night, it overlooks the city lit with lights and the Petronas Twin Towers look stunning lit up right next door. Plus, they also have some crazy and (warning) potent cocktails that make it a must. Lastly is the shopping; while the Central Markets (Tripadvisor) are fun for souvenirs, the Pavilion Mall is a HUGE shopping mall that has all the stores you could possibly need.

If you like private islands, then the island of Pangkor Laut is your dream destination. The island has one gorgeous resort called Pangkor Laut Resort where all the rooms overlook the incredible ocean. We stayed in the Garden Villa which was situated up near the jungle canopy, however, next time I would stay in the stunning Sea Villas that span out over the water. The small island has two main beaches on either side of the island and both are very different with the resort side reef beach being sheltered by other smaller islands. Whereas the beach on the opposite side from the hotel is a beautiful white sand beach, open to the ocean with clear waters and an on-beach restaurant that served scrumptious food while you scrunched your toes on the sand.

A little further up, George Town in Penang is a must. With its incredible street art, murals and distinct architecture, it's a beautiful display if historic old and new art that needs to be experienced. We didn't have time on our trip except for a quick drive-about, but when I go back, I will be buying a walking street art tour to make sure I can see all the main art installations George Town is known for. Penang is also located on the ocean, so stay at a resort on the beach for a relaxing stay at this tourist hot spot.

Lastly, my favorite place in Malaysia - (drumroll) - the island of Langkawi. I LOVED Meritus Pelangi Resort (, this is a place I have been dreaming of bringing my love. Spacious and beautifully decorated rooms that overlook the water and private beach that surrounds the resort. The sounds of the water crashing on the shore outside while you sleep is a calming delight. And, because the resort owns that section of the beach, it keeps it relaxingly quiet away from the tourist crowd, however its still only a quick walk to the main street stores and restaurants on the island. In the main village there is a restaurant I highly recommend called Indian Palace (Tripadvisor), it doesn't look like much, but the food is fantastic. There's also a beach bar called Mali Mali thats really cute, located on the sand of the beach, it's the perfect place to sit for a drink under the stars when it gets dark.

There is one main tourist attraction there which is a bit of a trek, but worth doing and that is the Sky Bridge (Panorama Langkawi). Situated way up in the jungle, the Sky Bridge gives you an incredible panoramic view of the island from a giant bridge suspended in the air. The only way to get there is by cable car and then a quick trek through the jungle, but the view is breathtaking and an experience you'll remember forever.

Even though I have been to Malaysia twice now, every part of me wants to take my amazing other half there to experience it with me and I hope I have inspired you to do the same. So sit back, relax and start planning your trip together to stunning and tropical Malaysia - and then tell me all of your favorite parts!

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(Pictures: 1. Langkawi beaches. 2. Patronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur. 3. Pangkor Laut. 4. Street Art in George Town, Penang. 5. Cable cars over Langkawi.)

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