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The Ultimate Valentines Day Gift List And Traditions

February 14th is coming up fast, which means one thing, Valentines Day! I realize that not everyone is into Valentines Day, but as a hopeless romantic (obviously, I mean, I did create a whole website dedicated to love!), I can honestly say I adore this date. Any excuse to fit in another day to be a little extra about the one you love.

Valentines Day celebrates Saint Valentine, who has a pretty crazy story. One story tells that Valentine was a priest in Rome during the 3rd Century. The ruler of the time, Claudius II, outlawed marriage for young soldiers because he believed that single men made better soldiers. Unknown to Claudius II, Valentine performed secret marriages for all the young lovers. Valentine was caught and Claudius sentenced him to death. I know, macabre. But his belief in love and the struggles to unite sparked a day of celebration that became known as Valentines Day.

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Not everyone celebrates Valentines in the same way, but most countries have a version. Argentines celebrate a week of sweetness in July where lovers exchange chocolates and sweets. South Koreans celebrate love on the 14th of every month with each 14th celebrating a different act of love like "the day of kisses" and "the day of hugs". On January 25th, since the 16th Century in Wales, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated as a day of love called the “day of San Dwynwen.” where lovers gift each other handcrafted wooden spoons. In the Philippines, the government has a large Valentines event where they marry young couples as a public service. And Spain has the feast of Dionysus in October to celebrate love.

While every country has a different Valentines tradition, one thing they have in common is an exchange of an object or gift to show affection to their love. Many, like in America, gifting something that reminds your spouse just how much they mean to you. Below you'll find our top 20 gifts for your love this Valentines Day. Enjoy!

Valentines Gift Ideas

This beautiful gold and diamond necklace is a stunning and delicate gift they'll be able to wear every day. This is my favorite piece from Blue Nile's new collection and it is sure to please.

This Baseball Bat Decanter is a fabulous and fun display piece AND perfect for the avid Baseball fan. Gift this with a great bottle of something they'll love.

For the one with the sweet tooth. Gift this with the ingredients to make a fabulous Valentines ice-cream dessert you can both share. Plus, this gift will get a lot of use this summer. Yum!

The gift of roses for Valentines Day is a tradition that has been around for a long time, but with this 24K Gold Rose, they'll be able to keep it forever.

If you have a symbol that means something to you both like a bee, tree or perhaps a compass if you're both from different places, then this Wax Seal Stamp is a beautiful gift. Make sure to give this with some wax so they can begin to enjoy it straight away.

With the baguette emerald stone and surrounding diamonds, this gold ring is a beautiful gift they can wear by itself every day or use to stack with other rings.

I've loved this Honeycomb Honey Jar for years, the amber color is stunning and the design of the rippling hive shape is fun, plus there's a little bee etched into the crystal on the lid. Gift this with a great jar of honey.

This is such a great gift to celebrate the day you met, your wedding day or any other big milestone with your love. You can completely customize the date and quote to suite your relationship. The company takes your date, time and location to find the exact star alignment of your special moment.

How amazing are these gorgeous pop-up cards?! There's quite a few to chose from and all of them pop-up. Add this card to any gift to complete their gifting experience.

I bought this as a gift for my other half and he is obsessed with it. Made with amazing quality leather, the front section is compartmentalized for organization, the middle section is for storage and the padded back fits your laptop. Plus, it's comfortable to carry with its padded straps and moisture wicking fabric backing. Classy and functional, this will make a stunning surprise, trust me.

The Coravin Wine Preservation System is something I give as a gift and personally own. As someone who loves to keep special bottles and taste them over time, this is a lifesaver. The needle pierces through the cork so that the bottle is never opened, presentrving the wine for the future. You can pour as much or as little as desired. This is also handy for cooking because no one wants to open a whole bottle of wine for that "dash of wine" needed in recipes.

For the one who deserved to be pampered. Run them a bath and light some candles, this gift will help them relax.

This is a fabulous gift for someone that loves to try new flavors and loves to cook. Like a world tour, this set includes twelve salts and sauces from all different countries. Plus, you'll get to reap the benefits when they add these to their dishes. Win win!

For the one who loves structural art. Personally, I love this beautiful decanter, it has been on my list of 'wants' for a while. This stunning crystal decanter by Waterford will be the perfect centerpiece when displayed on the table with wine in it. Just make sure to gift this with a great bottle of wine.

Diamond studs are classic and something that is worn every day and these by Blue Nile are absolutely stunning. With 1/2 ct diamond set in gold, these earrings will wow them.

Valentines Day and chocolate? Groundbreaking, right!? But seriously, Valentines Day's traditional chocolate box is always a welcomed gift and I love this box by Godiva - their chocolate always tastes amazing.

Waterford is famous for their crystal and this decanter set is no exception. With two double-old-fashioned glasses and decanter, all that's left to give with this gift is a great bottle of whiskey.

This stunning tennis bracelet by Blue Nile will blow them away. With 100 diamonds set in 14k white gold, this is a gift they will cherish. Go ahead, spoil them!

For the one who dreams of travel. This Push Pin World Map is a great way to plan future travel, wishlist and places you've been. Pin by pin you can change the the pin colors over from dreaming to explored.

I love this idea for your spouse if they love the outdoors. Gift this with a great throw or some outdoor pillows, even a great fire pit. You'll be able to cozy up together and relax as you swing away in bliss.

For more romantic gift ideas, check out our gift selections at Happy Little Vows!


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