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Top 18 Anniversary Gifts That Will Make Their Eyes Light Up

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

This post contains affiliate links to products we use and love!

While there are still quite a few people who love the idea of following the set list of traditional and modern gift ideas per year, we are very aware that not everyone likes to do this. Either way is perfect as far as we're concerned, as long as your anniversary day is spent showering the one you cherish with love, that's really all that matters. So we created a list of our overall favorite gifts that we, at Happy Little Vows, would be ecstatic to receive and know your love would be too.

  1. Travel (Tripadvisor) - Experiencing travel and exploring new places with your loved one is priceless. For inspiration, see our Romantic Travel Ideas.

  2. Coravin (Coravin) - The incredible wine preservation system that allows your love to enjoy a glass without opening the bottle.

  3. KitchenAid Stand Mixer (Target) - A classic in every kitchen. Just think of all the delectable wonders they can create.

  4. Carry-On Luggage (Amazon) - Briggs & Riley luggage is unmatched in quality, design and durability. Don't take my word for it, just read their amazing reviews.

  5. Dewalt Drill Set (Amazon) - What every handy man/woman needs to set their diy imagination alight. Plus, this one comes with a 45 piece bit set.

  6. Baccarat Lucky Butterfly (Amazon) - The classic crystal butterfly. With so many different colors to chose from, you'll find the perfect color for the perfect love.

  7. Joybird Soto Chair ( Joybird) - You can tell a Joybird sofa or chair from a mile away. Exciting and impeccable design, mixed with luxe fabrics or leathers. And the Soto Chair is no exception with its mid-century modern, artistic, smooth wood carved design and beautiful upholstery. Swoon!

  8. Ruby Crystal Talisman Earrings (Uncommon Goods) - These stunning ruby earrings are on our wishlist. Handcrafted by New York jewelry designer Emilie Shapiro, these earrings are pure wow.

  9. Tent (Amazon) - Sleeping under the stars with your love is romantic, whether it's in the desert, mountain wilderness or in your backyard. Just make sure to gift this with some s'more making materials and they'll be set.

  10. Book Of The Month subscription (Book Of The Month) - The gift of knowledge is a great gift and one HLV gives regularly. With book of the month they can choose from a curated list of incredible books every month.

  11. Emerald and Diamond Necklace (Blue Nile) - It's hard to go wrong with stunning jewelry. This emerald and diamond necklace is an incredible piece that will leave your other half speechless.

  12. Golf Travel Set (Horchow) - This suave golf travel set if the perfect gift for any avid golfer. Not only does it contain a designer putter, golf balls and target hole, but it comes in a gorgeous carry case. Now they can pretend their on the green no matter where they are.

  13. Meural Digital Canvas Frame (Amazon) - This is one for the art lover in your life. A digital canvas that allows you to peruse 30,000+ pieces of art from all around the world with HD image and auto-adjust backlighting to give that flat art effect.

  14. Waterford Heritage Crystal Glass Set (Amazon) - The assorted collection of Waterford glasses is made of their most popular designs from over the years. Each individual glass is a stunning and classic reminder of timeless love.

  15. Waterford Crystal London Decanter (Amazon) - Timeless and sophisticated, this decanter will look incredible on any bar cart and makes a fantastic gift. Perhaps, even as a set with the above glasses... just saying.

  16. Custom Family Portrait (Uncommon Goods) - This personal gift is one that will be looked at every day and will look fabulous on the wall.

  17. Leather Backpack (Amazon) - Sleek, modern and minimalist on the outside, packed with all the working compartments of a briefcase on the inside. This sophisticated leather backpack is a go-to gift here at HLV, one that always leaves them grinning.

  18. Masterclass (Masterclass) - Yet, another gift we have gifted ourselves and others. Masterclass is a gem. When you purchase a yearly subscription, they will have a ton of courses at their fingertips, taught by industry greats. Martin Scorsese teaches film making, Kelly Wearstler teaches interior design, Ron Finley teaches gardening, Annie Leibovitz teaches photography and Sarah Blakey teaches self-made entrepreneurship - only a few of the many astounding courses we have loved taking that your love will too.

For more gift ideas, head to our Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Tradition & Modern Wedding Anniversary Gifts and our Anniversary Gifts By Year store on Happy Little Vows.

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