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25th Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Silver  |  Modern: Silver Jewelry

This shop contains affiliate links to products we use and love!


Mikasa 65-Pice Gold Regent Bead Flatware

​For the love who likes to eat like royalty. The Mikasa silver and gold Regent Bead Flatware is a beautiful present to get anyone that takes pride in creating the perfect table setting. Made from strong 18/10 stainless steel and rimmed with 24kt gold accents. 


Diamond Pendant Necklace

​This gorgeous Diamond Pendant Necklace is a stunning gift to give your love. Featuring a 1/2 carat bezel set diamond in pendant form on a silver chain necklace, this necklace gives a touch of something a little bit modern, a little bit traditional, the best of both worlds and a gorgeous gift that can be worn everyday. 

Coravin six.png

Coravin Six Wine Preservation System

For the one who knows their wine. Coravin allows them to drink wine at any time, in any amount, without pulling the 

cork. That fussy guest who 

doesn't drink your favorite wine is no longer a problem. They want just one glass? No worries. Want to taste test that wine from your wedding? Easy. All without having to open a bottle.


Hypervice Cordless Massager

For the love that deserves a luxurious spa date everyday. Relieve their tired, sore muscles with the Hyperice Hypervolt cordless vibration massager that is used by therapists everywhere. The massager will improve their body's soft tissue, increase their range of motion and increase circulation to relax and spoil them. Plus, after you use it on them, they can use it on you. Win win!


The Beaches of Thailand

Thailand is known for its silver jewelry, which is a great reason to visit this incredible country. Surpise your spouse with a trip to the tropical beaches of Thailand. Relax at a fancy resort in Koh Phi Phi, island hop through Koh Samui, Koh Phangan to Koh Tao and enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever see. Stroll though the country to Chang Mai and feel the heat of the wild city of Bangkok. - For run, present this gift with a piece of silver jewelry and engrave the inside "Pack your bags, we're heading to Thailand!".

Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 11.29.55

Pearl Twist 

Silver Earrings

For the one of a kind. These Freshwater Cultured Pearl Twisted Teardrop Earrings hold lustrous freshwater pearls within the swirl of the sterling silver earrings. A beautiful and versatile gift that can be worn every day by your love.


Past Present Future Necklace

This beautiful necklace is designed to represent the past, present, and future. A fantastic gift for the one who's been by your side all these years, this necklace offers an elegant reminder to live in the moment.


Baccarat Silver Lucky Butterfly

For the classic but quirky lover. The Baccarat "Lucky" Crystal Butterfly in Silver is something unique and timeless. With so many different Baccarat Butterfly colors to chose from, you're sure to find the perfect butterfly.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.07.08 AM.png

Halo Diamond Pendant

For the love who shines bright. This stunning necklace features an halo diamond pendant made of eight brilliant diamonds surrounding a round brilliant-cut center diamond. A beautiful gift that's sure to make them smile. 

Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 9.46.58 PM.png

Arteriors Silver Levi Quartz Decanter

For the dearest who loves to mix amazing cocktails. This beautiful decanter makes a fabulous gift for anyone who is starting to build their bar cart or those that already have them. Featuring an oversized natural quartz nugget inside a polished nickel ring as its lid, this delicate clear glass decanter is perfect.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 8.54.55 AM.png

Infinity Chain Bracelet

For the symbolic obsessed. The Infinity Chain Bracelet by Blue Nile is a simple and elegant gift ,perfect for everyday. Crafted in sterling silver, it features a double strand cable chain holding a polished infinity charm.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 8.31.35 AM.png

Hughs Swivel Chair

For the design blog scroller, cozy bookworm and whiskey-holding contemplater. The Hughes Swivel Chair by Joybird is a Mid-century lovers dream. For a reading nook or cuddly movie chair, this gift is one that will wow. - Present this gift with a pair of slippers and a cigar for fun!

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 9.03.09 AM.png

GoPro MAX Camera

For the adventurer. The goPro MAX is like having 3 cameras in 1, letting you shoot traditional style photos or video with unbreakable stabilization, This way, they can show off the rest of the world to others using the immersive 360° footage and film their vlog like a pro.


Butterfly Gingko Keepsake Box

The Butterfly Gingko Keepsake Box by Michael Aram is a beautiful and whimsical gift to give someone brimming with imagination. Part of the Butterfly Gingko collection, this gift is perfect by itself or with other Butterfly Gingko pieces such as this frame.


The Glamour of the Silver Screen

Los Angeles, home to the silver screen, filled with star studded sidewalks, fabulous beaches and gourmet restaurants. Surprise your love with a trip to L.A. Take in Hollywood Blvd with its starry street, Chinese Theatre and tourist fanfare. Relax on the beaches of Malibu and Santa Monica. Don't forget to take a day trip up to beautiful Santa Barbara or weekend in Palm Springs. - For fun, present this gift with a two ticket present, a movie pass and a plane ticket. 

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