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6th Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Candy/Iron  |  Modern: Wood

This shop contains affiliate links to products we us and love!

fire pit.jpg

Smokeless Portable Fire Pit

For the outdoorsman/woman.

This portable fire pit is also a grill and comes without any of the irritating smoke. - For fun, present this gift with a grill set, so they can start cooking straight away!

Turntable wood.png

U-Turn Audio Orbit Special Turntable

For the household music DJ. The U-Turn Audio Orbit Special Turntable is the perfect gift. With its solid hard wood plinth and acrylic turntable disc, it mixes modern and vintage touches perfectly. - For fun, give this gift with a couple of your love's favorite vinyl records


New York's M&M Store

New York, New York! Home to the incredible M&M Store. Surprise your love with a trip to New York City. View the city from the Empire State Building, see the Crysler Building shine, take a stroll through Central Park and climb the Statue of Liberty all while trying a many of the spectacular resturants thie city offers. Enjoy! - For fun, reveal your surprise trip by placing a New York Key Chain in a giant tub of M&M's.


MariBelle's Cien Red Box - 100 Chocolate Pieces

For the true chocoholic and artist alike. Inside the elegant 

vivid red box with blue trip are 

100 pieces of luxurious single origin chocolate made with the 

freshest ingredients. Adorned with beautiful artwork, the 

MarieBelle Ganache collection is every chocolate lovers dream. 


Le Creuset Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Does your spouse love to make decedent food? Well then, lets help them. The Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 7-1/4-Quart Round French (Dutch) Oven is a classic every chef should have in their cooking arsenal and a dream gift on every cook's mind, believe us. The superior heat distribution and retention of Le Creuset enameled cast iron makes cooking a breeze and adds a touch of flair when served hot on the table.


Cell Phone Stand Watch Holder

For the one who's always misplacing their phone, or glasses, or... everything. This cell phone stand and watch holder is made with stylish European Ash-Tree wood and holds your cellphone, smart gadget, digital electronics, wallet, jewelry, passport, necklace, bracelet and smartwatch, all at an arms reach.


Original Grain

Koa Wood Watch

For the sophisticated time keeper. The Original Grain Koh Wood Watch Brewmaster Collection Wrist Watch has 5-Hand Japanese Quartz Movement to keep everything on time. Made with Brushed Stainless Steel and reclaimed beer barrel wood 

certified by the Forest 

Stewardship Council, it's a good-looking watch anyone will enjoy.


Ben & Jerry's Ice-Cream Pint Lock

For the "It wasn't me." ice-cream thief. The Ben & Jerry's Euphori-Lock Ice Cream Pint  Lock protect that precioius pint with a three-digit super secret pre-assigned combination. This is a fantastically fun gift to both give and receive, and a great little extra gift. - For fun, gift them with a couple of ice-cream pints.


Lodge Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

For the household masterchef. The Pro-Grid Iron Reversible Grill & Griddle by Lodge fits over two burners and provides excellent heat retention and distribution. Featuring two easy grip handles for lifting or hanging when not in use, it's a kitchen staple any chef will enjoy.

Hughes sectional.jpg

Hughes reversible Sectional

For the one who knows home style. The Hughs Reversible Sectional Sofa by Joybird is sure to make guests envious with its distinctive lines and luxurious, classic detailing. Guaranteed to elevate any home decor, this is Mid-century style at its best and a fabulously exciting gift. 


Dellmann Confections Chocolate 25-Piece Collection

Do you live with a chocoholic? Then this Dellmann Confections Chocolate 25-Piece Collection is the perfect gift. Not only is each piece of artisanal chocolate hand-selected for this box, but each individual chocolate is its own flavor and little piece of art. Who knows, you may even get to try.


MLB Stadium View 3D Wall Art

For the avid sports fan. This MLB Stadium View 3d Wall Art will have them feeling like they're there. The hand crafted replica stadium is made from 3 inch deep layered white birch and comes framed. Not their team? No worries, there are many 3D replica stadiums and teams to chose from as well as NFL.

bronze statue.jpg

Man and Woman ReadingBook Sculptures 

For the bookworm who loves a good narrative. These sculptures are a perfect gift to showcase  how easy it is to get lost in a good story. Featuring 2 pieces, one man and one woman, this sculpture set makes a beautiful anniversary gift.


Lukue Macaron Kit

Ever met a macaron you didn't want to eat? Us either. For the household pastry chef and French food enthusiast. The Lekue Macaron Kit includes decimal pen, a special macaron baking sheet and recipe booklet so they can bake perfect, little, sweet macaroons until their hearts content. Plus, think of all the rewards you'll reap getting to eat the marvelous goodies cooked.


Nambe Curvo Wine Rack

The Nambe Curvo Wine Rack is as good-looking as it is functional. Resting on its alloy base, the Curvo Wine Rack’s acacia wood form curves to create spaces for four wine bottles. Any wine, art or home decor lover will adore this display piece. - For fun, present this gift with a beautiful bottle of their favorite wine, a wine from their favorite vineyard or a day trip to a winery to help fill it up.

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