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35th Year Anniversary Gifts

Traditional: Coral  |  Modern: Emerald

This shop contains affiliate links to products we use and love!


Lalique Crystal

Bacchantes Vase

The Lalique Crystal Bacchantes Vase has an incredible array of intricate emerald shades. This vase features women dancing naked around the vase, this crystal artwork makes a stunning anniversary gift. Gift it to the love who defies all the odds. Our favorite part of this vase is how it features a 3d image on the outside and a negative image from the inside. Absolutely stunning!


Ocean Reef

Serving Set

For the ultimate dinner party hostess. This unique and fun serving set by Michael Aram, is a beautiful way to liven up any table. With a pop of coral red the serving set showcasing the beauty of the ocean floor.


The Emerald Isle

Where would be more appropriate to travel on your emerald anniversary than the Emerald Isle itself, Ireland. Surprise your love with a trip to see the castles of Dublin, the churches of Galway, to kiss the Blarney Stone in Cork and walk the cliffs of Donegal. - For fun, present this gift with a bottle of Guinness with a note over the label saying "Meet me at the pub in Ireland."

Paisley tie.png

Coral Silk Tie

A luxurious tie makes a fantastic gift for a spouse who always likes to be a bit more formal. Plus the fun coral color adds a little bit of depth, fun and color. This Luxury Italian 100% Silk Tie by Lorenzo Cana is in an orange/salmon coral and had a Baroque pattern that is sure to leave their day brighter.

Emerald Necklace.png

Emerald-cut Emerald & Diamond Pendant

For the statement maker. Set in precious diamond halo with 18k white gold, this Emerald and Diamond necklace is ready to wear on a white gold chain. They will be the envy of all with the star of the piece, a big, bold emerald gemstone. A stunning gift for a stunning love.


Coral Sculpture

For the interior decorator at heart. This extra large Staghorn Coral Sculpture will bring the beauty of the sea into their home. A work of art!

Coral Reef Island

The Great Barrier Reef

Surprise your loved one with a trip to explore the coral in Australia's Great Barrier Reef one the Eight Natural Wonders of the World. - For fun, wrap a little piece of coral with a tag around its base revealing your gift!


"Blue Coral" Print Set

For the museum wanderer and artistic muse. This "Blue Coral" print set come in a 4-piece set. Featuring navy and ivory double matted images, these nature inspired prints will look stunning on any wall. 

Image by Stephen Collins

Pool Table

For the spouse who's always competitive. This 8' foot vintage green Billiard Pool Table is a fantastic and fun gift that is made even better with its 

automatic ball return system. And, as it comes with a full set of accessories for snooker and pool, they'll be playing games for hours. - For fun, present this gift with a brass and mahogany scoreboard.

Club chair.png

Velvet Club Chair

For the cozy bookworm. This Akira New velvet Club Chair by Christopher Knight Home is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves luxurious hollywood regency design and cozy furnishings. With a hight back and body, this chair will give comfort while the velvet adds an air of decadence to any room. - For fun, present this gift with a Book Of The Month subscription to they can begin their reading in style.

Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 11.12.48

Julia Knight

Serving Bowl

For the ultimate entertainer. This 14" Large Bowl by Julia Knight is a handmade silver 

serving bowl wrapped with gold coral and layered inside with enamel. This bowl is a stunning gift that will look  beautiful on a table by itself or with any salad inside. 

Emerald earrings.png

Emerald Drop Earrings

For the scene stealer. These stunning Emerald Drop Earrings are glamour with a capital G. Featuring four emeralds that sparkle with radiance, these earring are sure to wow. Set in 18k white gold, the emeralds are surrounded by a brilliant diamonds. - For fun, complete the set this incredible matching necklace

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