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Danielle & Brad's Love Story and Advice On Why You Should Never Stop Dating Your Spouse

Brad and I met in 2006 while we were working together at an outdoor sporting goods store. We quickly became friends and with time, much more. He moved 2 hours away shortly after we started dating and the rest of our time dating was long distance. We made it work though!

In 2008 he proposed while on a beach vacation. It was a total surprise and a perfect proposal. We got married surrounded by loved ones and had the most fun wedding reception I’ve ever been to. We were so young when we got married and we have lived and learned so much since then. 5 kids, 3 houses, job and location changes, ups and downs and I am more in love with my husband now than ever. He is my person and I thank God everyday for placing him in my life.

My advice to a newly married couple would be to never stop dating your spouse. Those little times away make all of the difference. Sometimes you have to get to know your spouse all over again, we all change year to year. Spend time together regularly so you can embrace who they are when those changes come.

Love Story written by Danielle Ontrop

Note: This love story is part of on ongoing curation in a series called Love Stories that details how couples met and their advice on how to create a long and happy marriage. Want to tell your love story and be a featured Love Story on Happy Little Vows? We'd love to hear it! Check out our HLV Instructions for more details.

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