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The Best Anniversary Ring Ideas To Compliment Their Wedding Set

I have to admit, I was surprised that the term "Anniversary Rings" is such a highly searched term in Google. But then again, even I couldn't say no to another beautiful sparkly something on my finger. Plus, isn't it nice to have that beautiful circle of sentiment you can wear every day to remind you of your anniversary and more importantly, your love?!

What are the best Jewelry Ring Ideas for your Anniversary?

The best Anniversary Rings are those that symbolize your specific love while showcasing their favorite colors or stones, while still complimenting their engagement ring and wedding band, so they can wear it every day. The most common type of symbolic relationship ring is the Eternity ring. But there are so many Anniversary type ideas to choose from, like the receiver's birthstone, a halo ring representing your love surrounding them and as always the fashion or minimalist ring for that fancy someone.

Below are my top ring picks for Anniversary Rings. Enjoy!

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The Eternity Ring is literally designed to symbolize your never-ending love, so it's the perfect compliment to their engagement ring. Plus, who doesn't love the full wrap of metal or sparkly gems wrapped all the way around their finger.


If their engagement ring was something other than the classic one stoned solitaire diamond ring, this classic piece will make a stunning addition to their collection. Solitaire rings are often used as family heirlooms where the new wearer re-sets the stone in a new setting. Plus, as it's so classic, they'll be able to wear it every day as a compliment to their engagement ring and wedding band.


Halo rings are designed to symbolize your surrounding love with the featured middle stone representing the giftee. With so many combinations, cut and color-wise, you'll surely be able to find the perfect combination unique to your special love.


If you have a love that loves their antique, vintage style jewelry, then this is the perfect anniversary ring for them. Still classic enough to wear alongside their other jewelry, but with that beautiful, vintage charm that exudes old-time classic elegance.


If your love is like me and loves a bit of color on their fingers (I am ALLLL about the gemstones!), then look no further than a gem style ring. There's so many to chose from, like Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Amethyst as just a few, that there'll be the perfect unique ring for their perfect unique self.

Minimalist Ring

For the partner who likes to keep things understated and simple, a minimalist ring is the perfect idea to accompany their engagement and wedding band. Also part of the fashion forward movement, these stackable minimalist rings are the perfect anniversary gift idea they'll be able to wear every day.

Mens Rings

Men's rings are also a great anniversary gift idea. Stick to a metal that compliments their wedding band, keep it simple and understated, and you'll have the perfect anniversary gift.

Alternatives To Rings

We get it, not everyone wants to gift a ring. Not to fret, we've chosen some beautiful alternatives with necklaces and earrings.

For more anniversary gift ideas, check out the Anniversary Gifts By Year section on Happy Little Vows.


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