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The 22 Best Anniversary Gifts For Her

"Anniversary gift for her" is one of the most searched queries on Google regarding anniversaries. So, as an Anniversary expert, it is definitely something that had to be explored and as someone who loves giving and receiving gifts, this was a fun query to answer the big question everyone is apparently asking.

So, what are the best Anniversary gift ideas for her?

The best Anniversary gifts for her are great quality, no-brainer gifts that are both useful, functional, needed and lusted after that compliment their hobbies, work-life and relaxation. Gifts she can wear every day like jewelry is a beautiful idea, plants or art to enhance their daily aesthetic, or technology to keep her entertained and curious are also fantastic gifts ideas. If she's more hands on, an educational gift, such as a class or course, a camera to take photography, or a cooking gadget might be more their style.

For more gift ideas for her, check out the Anniversary Gifts By Year section on Happy Little Vows.

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Anniversary Gifts For Her

This gorgeous gold necklace by Blue Nile is something they'll cherish forever. I love that it not only represents infinity, like your love for them, but it's also just the right size that it can be worn every day.

Master Class is the ultimate gift for anyone who loves to learn. I've bought this for myself multiple times and gifted it to others. Simply put, I am obsessed with Master Class. Filled with classes taught by industry bests like Sara Blakely for Entrepreneurship, Martin Scorsese teaching Filmmaking, Ron Finley teaching Gardening, Daniel Pink for Business, Dominique Ansel teaching French Pastry and Robin Roberts teaches Communication. Still not convinced?! Check out my review here on Happy Little Vows.

This beautiful Electric Guitar will completely blow any budding guitarists mind. Gift this with some Picks or a Fender Amp so they can play this beauty straight away.

Art is one of those gifts that is very personal and the right piece can completely elevate someones mood and the homes eisthetics. This stunning photograph by California based photographer Rachel Dowd is a striking piece that they will love staring at every day.

Le Labo is famous for their perfume and no scent is as famous as Santal 33. This unisex perfume is divine, evoking a sexy, leathery musk scent that features, cardamom, iris, violet, cedarwood and sandalwood as its top notes. Trust me, this will wow them from first spritz.

This is one of those no-brainer gifts that is perfect for anyone that loves their technology. If they're creative, make sure to gift them with the Apple Pen so they can easily draw, create and write.

For the one who can't be spoken to before their morning coffee, get them this amazing Breville coffee maker. They'll be whipping up cafe style coffees in no time. Plus, the Breville milk frothing wand is out of this world amazing!

The Instax Mini Camera is a fun gift to give and something they'll take everywhere with them to get those cool memory snaps. Make sure to give them extra polaroid film as they'll go through it fast, believe me, I do.

My record player is a highly used item in our household. Nothing beats the crackles and pops of a vintage record. Give this gift with some vinyl records so they can start playing music straight away.

For the one with green thumb. The Sill is a plant subscription company where you can purchase them a monthly subscription to receive plants each month in beautiful minimalist pots or gift them with singular plants.

For the creative diy-er. If your other half is one that loves to watch HGTV, then this gift is a fantastic idea. Just think of all the projects they'll be able to dream up and accomplish with this fantastic gadget.

If they are someone who likes to cozy up and read a good book or has their 'spot' they like to curl up into to get work done, then a beautiful accent chair will make a great gift for them. This accent chair is one of the most stylish I've seen for a while and it definitely top of my wishlist.

If they don't own an Apple Watch, then this is a fantastic gift to give her. The Apple Watch not only tells the time and tracks fitness, but will also allow her to check emails, send messages, make calls etcetera, all through the voice command of the watch.

There's something so luxurious about the deep green of an emerald and these earrings are no exception. The little diamond accent under each stud adds a uniqueness to the design. Wow her with these gorgeous earrings she can wear everyday or dressed up.

This handbag has everything; classic with just the right amount of attitude and a designer name. Personally, I'm obsessed with this bag. The perfect brown saddle leather color, mixed with a suede flap and chain detail that gives it an edge. It's beautiful!

For the one who loves to get dressed up. Tom Ford lipstick is famous for their luxe lipsticks in pigment rich shades that empower the wearer and the color, Best Revenge, is one of their most popular.

This scent by Jo Malone is absolutely beautiful. This is my go-to scent for every day and I'm obsessed with its notes of ambrette seeds, sea salt and sage.

For the one who loves to cook. There's nothing as classic for the home chef as the Le Creuset pot and it is a must in any kitchen. Just think of all the yummy dishes you'll create together. And with so many colors to chose from, you'll find the perfect pot for them.

For the one who loves to freeze time. They'll be able to snap professional grade photographs and movies with this incredible Canon camera.

If they have a KitchenAid, the paster roller attachment is a must. They'll be able to create fresh made pasta and roll it the way it's meant to be made.

Baccarat crystal is always a gorgeous gift and a great family heirloom to pass down and the stunning butterfly is no exception. There's so many different colors to chose from so you can pick one that will match their personality.

For the love with the sweet tooth. Make a date out of this gift and make some Macarons together. To make is easier you can give this gift with a Macaron Mix to get you started.

For more gift ideas for her, check out the Anniversary Gifts By Year section on Happy Little Vows.


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12 juin 2021

An anniversary sundial is a good choice, there is one you can find online that is designed to sit on the window sill indoors and it makes rainbow colors come into the room when the sun shines upon it. Ours has a special line on it for our anniversary that the time shadow follows on our special day every year, and a special mark on that line that the shadow touches at the time we were wed. I don't remember what it's called exactly but you can find it online with a search. It works very well, and we really enjoy watching the shadow get closer to the line as our anniversary approaches, we drink a toast when it happens…

14 juin 2021
En réponse à

It is such a unique gift, and it's hard to find gifts like that online. It was totally made for our window sill and tells perfect time and date because the man who made it did the calculations just for us. I thought you might be interested!

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