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I Ran A High Profile Registry Department - My Top 11 Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Registry

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Here at Happy Little Vows, we know A LOT about Wedding Registries. Until recently, I actually ran a Registry department for one of the top Retail Registries in America. There are many ways to get the most out of your registry, but you would be surprised how little couples utilize all the amazing things the Registry can get you. Hopefully, the tips below will not only make it easier, but help you get everything you need out of your registry, including better company discounts, private appointments, events and all the free gifts you can get by being a registered couple. Here are our top 11 tips on how to get the most out of your wedding registry;

1. Use your own email address

You think you'll be inundated with company emails, but honestly, it really won't be very many. But it will mean you won't miss your Registry Consultant's questions or your special discount offers like you do with a "couples email". A "couples email" makes it almost impossible to actually get in contact with you when you NEED to be contacted. This is also a pet peeve of your Planner, Florist, Musicians and every vendor involved in making your wedding perfect, so unless you are super diligent about checking that email every hour, please just don't create one.

2. Go into the store

With so many options to scan through, you miss out on items online by not being able to touch and see the products alongside other items you like. You can always add items from online before and after your appointment, PLUS you have a personal consultant assigned specifically to you who is trained BY THE ACTUAL PRODUCT COMPANIES. Not to mention, you will usually get a gift or gift bag (sometimes both!) for coming in.

3. Make an appointment

Just like all things wedding related, Registry is no different. You need to make an appointment for your registry. If you turn up and the consultant is with someone else, you will have to wait for them to finish and that can take hours. If you make an appointment, the consultant will put time aside just for you, so if someone else happens to walk in, they will set up an appointment with them and focus on you. Don't be the other couple, set up an appointment.

4. Scan everything you are thinking about

You can always edit later, but after you've looked at hundreds of shiny items, you won't remember that 7th item you picked up that you really, really liked. Once you're home, you can sit down together to curate your final list.

5. Pick what you actually want and pick a wide range of prices

Some people are worried, or even worse, embarrassed to scan larger priced items, even though they would love to have them. Firstly, you are not buying these gifts, your guests are. Secondly, your registry is just a wish list, if your guests don't want to buy it or don't want to pay that much, they will buy something else on your list. However, if you don't give them the option then they can't purchase it for you, even if they wanted to. Thirdly, people want to buy you special items for your wedding. No one wants to be the guest who bought you a spatula, unless it's an add on to something special. They want to wow you, so give them the option to.

6. Edit your picks

After your appointment, I suggest pouring a lovely glass of wine and curating your registry. Go online to your registry account and edit what you picked. Make sure you have enough items and a wide enough price range. But also take off any of the items you definitely cannot see yourself using in the future.

7. Don't be afraid to play

A good consultant will have a table on hand and will help you design a full fine dining place-setting and your everyday tableware place-setting from the flatware to the crystal. This way, while you are walking around and seeing things you love, you can go and see how it looks on your perfectly planned table and take any pictures you need. Ooh la la!

6. Use the app

Most companies have an App you can download to make your registry easier to operate. You can change amounts on the go, you can even use your phone as a scanner in-store. So, if you see a little something that you want to add while out browsing, you can add that item to your registry within seconds.

7. In-store-only discount cards

Most companies that have Registries also have incredible discounts, but you always get better discounts by going into the store and registering, or even popping in and scanning a few items and meeting your consultant. I'm talking discounts in that store in almost all departments. Let the store celebrate your upcoming wedding with you and allow them treat you like a VIP.

8. Utilize your consultant

If there are needs you have, ask your consultant. Even if it isn't to do with your registry. Can't find a good florist? Need engraving? Looking for a photographer? Ask your consultant. Registry Consultants are part of the wedding community, with incredible connections to all things wedding-related. They can hook you up with multiple options, even for your honeymoon! I once sent a couple who were going to Australia for their honeymoon an entire list of my favorite places, where to shop, eat, drive and even places to stay. They did it ALL and loved every moment of it. So don't hesitate, just ask.

9. How long it takes to create a registry

This is a hard one. I spent close to 10 hours with a couple once, but that is definitely the longest one I had. I usually say to leave at least 3 hours to do your registry. You are literally curating a list of everything you'll want and need for the rest of your lives together, you cannot rush these decisions. Honestly, a well put-together Registry takes 3 to 5 hours with your consultant. So put some time aside, drink some coffee and have fun with your consultant. The more they get to know you, the more they can help you. Once your registry is done, it's done and you can leave that with your consultant and get onto planning your upcoming wedding without worrying about your gifts.

10. Go to Registry events

Registry events are fantastic and yet over 90% of registered couples don't go to any. These free and exclusive events are designed for you. They have people from companies there to answer any questions you have and personally train you on those items. Like an All-Clad expert that can find you the perfect pan for the exact dish you actually cook at home AND can teach you how best to apply that dish in that pan. You get education that you cannot even buy tickets to elsewhere. Also, these events usually showcase wedding vendors, like a wedding planner that you can ask any question you want, photo booth specialists, bands, dj's, florists and wedding photographers. You may be able to tick some of these wedding needs off your list in one day. How great is that?!

Sometimes these events are even life skills events, like a cutting class with a Chef who teaches you how to slice and dice using the knives on your registry or learning how to make pastries and cocktails using items on your registry.

Plus, you get lots of free goodies when you attend these events. I'm not just talking gift bags filled with free swag from the vendors, I'm talking about prizes! Vendors send in incredible high end prizes to entice couples to notice them and try their products, like blenders, high-end crystal, top cookware and luxury luggage. But you can't win these items if you don't attend. Events usually only last a couple of hours, so just go, let loose and have fun.

11. Let your guests know where you're registered

Add your registry to any website you create for your wedding. But most importantly, add it to your wedding invitation. Have one little sentence that just says "Registered at [name of store]". Guests know they can either go into the store, go online or call the store to get your gifts. Easy!

And that's it! Now you're ready to go and get everything out of your registry experience. You're only going to do it once in your life, so you might as well do it right.

Let me know in the comments if you have any other tips you feel helped your registry experience.

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